Monday, December 12, 2011

My Plan For Year 8

Next year I wont be at Pt England because I’ll be going to a school out in Otara called Kia Ahora collage. I told my mum that I wanted to stay at Pt England because all of my friends were their and there were job applications and opportunity's for me. But as life goes on you meet new people and new things to do.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Auckland Maori U/11 Rep

After the end of my clubs rugby league season I tried out for the Auckland Maori Rep team.
I got chosen to be in the A team in the position of a forward. This was a challenge for me because I normally play in the backs as a center.

The coach chose me to be the vice captain of our team, which I enjoyed very much. We had an experienced coaching team which gave us the fitness and strength that we needed to win the four tournaments that we competed in. We travelled down to Hopu Hopu twice and then down to Ngaruawahia where we won all of our tournaments. Thanks to our awesome team we emerged as the winners of the Rangatahi, North Waikato, and A.P.S.A tournaments.

We celebrated our wins with a party and prize giving at Waiake beach in Torbay.
My favourite part of the day was jumping off the pontoon with my team mates. After our big feed we had prize giving where I got my trophy for MVP Most Valuable Player. I’m looking forward to trying out for the Auckland Maori under 12 rep team next year. I know that I’ve got a lot of hard work ahead of me.
A photo of me and my team.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

My Dream ` Outta This World`Holiday

Brring..... ‘ screamed the alarm. I tried to ignore it. I wanted to stay in my dream. My dream outta this world holiday.

POOF!! I was falling through the sky like a plane about to crash and landed on some strange planet. I woke up and I was in this space suit, in a couple of hours I saw these rings orbiting around the planet. I questioned myself? if this isn’t Uranus or Neptune then this planet must be could Saturn The planet was visited by the Pioneer 11 in 1976 and by the Voyager 1 and Voyager 2.

The rings of Saturn close up.

I saw something strange appear over the hills, it looked liked another life form was living on this planet. I went to go and have a look but it was just a rock shaped like a alien. Then something crept behind me and grabbed me by the shoulder “ aaaaaaahhhhh an alien” “ do you know that Saturn has 33 moons surrounding it and the Greek name of Saturn is Saturn, equated to the Greek God Cronus The Titan father of Zeus” . “You know a lot about Saturn” of course I live here”, You don’t come from here do you” “no I don’t I come from earth the third planet that’s in this solar system”.

Saturn’s Moon’s.

“ Where are we going” “oh you’ll find out”. “ Did you know that Saturn is the sixth planet away from the sun, and it is the second largest planet in the solar system. WOW! “I did not know that”. “So where exactly are we going I said”, you’ll find out.

Then the alien took me on to this platform and he said,” let me give you a tour of this planet before you go”. “ Did you know that Saturn’s ring system is divided in to continuous and three
discontinuous main rings.

“Saturn’s large gravitation conditions, produced by Saturn are extreme if compared to earth”.
After a few hours the alien transported me back to where we first left of and said goodbye”.
“What tell me more about Saturn you’ll find out” “are you shore “yes” “well OK bye.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

To Infinity and beyond

Glen Martin is an inventor from Christchurch who has invented a super powered fan jet pack. It has taken him 30 years at a cost of $12 million to complete this project. In the past Glen Martin has experimented with other jet packs but they only have been able to hop along the ground.

People in the United States of America just laughed at the invention when they saw it. It was first shown at the Oshkosh air show 3 years ago. However the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi was very interested.In July people from Abu Dhabi are coming to visit the company that made the jet pack.

A few days ago the jet pack had it’s first test flight over the Canterbury plains. A crash -test dummy called George Jetson was used to pilot the jet pack on it’s test flight. The jet pack was piloted by remote control and it flew to 5000 feet. A rocket propelled parachute was used to land it safely on the ground.

At the moment the jet pack is under going a testing period.This is to make sure it is safe, that it can perform at high speeds and to make any changes to the technology. The company needs more money and is looking for investors.

The jet pack has been described by Glen Martin as a fun machine, but it has a serious use as well. It could be used for search and rescue operations. The U.S military and the Japanese have shown interest in the jet pack since the terrible earthquake in Japan.

Inventions and inventors

From the 19th century to the present day cars have slowly changed, for example: the first car, designed by Karl Benz in 1888 only had three wheels. Today most cars have four! Karl Benz' first car doesn't have a roof on the top of it , and an electric starter and also can carry two passengers

By the early 1900’s people were making cars in France and the U.S. Cars were much bigger and much better.
Cars today are faster then they were before and a lot more powerful. These cars are designed for safety and comfort.

“ Henry Ford opened factories in 1911, then they opened a factory in Denmark in 1923. Henry Ford was one of the first manufacturers to use an assembly line. The assembly line helped the factory workers produce cars safer and faster.

“I think in the future cars won’t have to use fuel like we use today, but instead we might use electricity to power them.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Romanian converstaion

“Hey Samson do you know what the capital city of Romania is?” said asked Tyler?.

“The capital city of Romania is Bucharest?,” replied Richie Mccaw.
“ What is the main food in Romania? asked Samson? I said
“Samson the main food in Romania is Sarmale. I said

Their somile is made out of cream and contains 18 to 20 percent butter [ about 14 grams per 4 ounce serving and gets it's characteristic tang from the lactic acid, created by the bacteria mercially.

“Tyler do you know how many festival's they have every 3 or 4 years. One of the things that the Romanian's celebrate is Christmas and religious every December. The other things that they celebrate is BESTFEAST in [ Bucharest, Romania ]. The things that the Romanians celebrate for the BESTFEAST is music - rock and music - alternative and the other one is music metal in the month of July.

“Tyler who’s the key player for the Romanian team”, replied Havea.

The key player for the Romanian rugby team is Gabreial Brezioanu. The Romanian rugby team is considered one of the stronger European team outside of the six nations. They participated in all of the six rugby world cups, and competed in the first division of the first European nations cup. Their coaches are Romeo Gontineac, and their captain is Sorin Socol.

“ If I wanted to know which continent Europe's in where do I find it. Said Samson.

Europe is in the Romanian continent. The location of Romania is southeastern Europe, bordering the Black sea, between Bulgaria and Ukraine.

“Samson do you know who the prime minister of Romania is?” I said.

“The prime minister of Romania is the head of the government of Romania.
Emil Boc having served December 2008, in June 2004 he was elected mayor Cluj - Napoca, one of the largest city’s in the Transylvania. He is also the president of the Democratic Liberal party, who designated him as prime minister in 2008.

“What is the most popular sport in Romania?” I said.

“The most popular sport in Romania Is soccer, other sports include team handball, basketball, rugby union, tennis and gymnastics. Football is popular in Romania, the most known player being Cheorghe Hagi who played for Steaua Bucuresti. In 1986 the Romanian football club Steaua Bucuresti became the first eastern Europe club ever.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

seventh paragraph

Our dance was a little bit funny but in the end it was good. All of the other groups dances were brilliant. As the night got dark we all went to sleep and said good night to each other.